Product managers play a crucial role in a scaled Agile organization. But what does it truly mean to play this role? Product Owners sit with the scrum team and make the day-to-day decisions that fundamentally shape your products. Product Managers want to make sure the reality of the product direction is in line with what the market needs, but don’t have the time to sit with 10 scrum teams. What is the role of the Product Manager in a scaled agile organization and what role should PMs be playing in defining, executing, and commercializing an organizations product offering? How can Product Managers effectively manage and communicate the product roadmap when hundreds or thousands of stakeholders are involved?




Join Scott BlackerVP Product and Services of AgileCraft and Steve Johnson of Under10 Consulting for an one-hour ondemand session on product management and scaling.  

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The top 5 things you need to do to be a successful Product Manager in a scaled agile environment
  • How to effectively develop, communicate and execute the vision and product roadmap for your enterprise
  • How to set and manage the strategic priorities of the development organization while continuing to focus more granularly within your team
  • The role tools can play in driving success in the Agile product management world