Lean, Agile, + DevOps: Tips to ensure you are getting strategic value out of your DevOps Investment


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When it comes to DevOps, the focus is usually on automating the activities between code commit and deployment to production, but it’s time to start looking at the entire value stream as more than just that. Enterprise organizations need to gain the perspective of DevOps from the customer point of view in terms of end to end value delivery. This includes a meta-view of the entire value stream from the upstream hypothesis, to automated development activities mid-stream, and finally to measuring value delivered downstream.

Join SAFe Fellow Marc Rix and AgileCraft VP of Product Scott Blacker for an hour-long, ondemand webinar to learn about:

*How the CI/CD pipeline is just one part of a broader DevOps pipeline

*The upstream and downstream activities involved in a full value stream deployment beyond committing code and delivering software

*Quantitative and qualitative measurements you can use to understand whether to pivot or persevere on a given idea

* The role of ALM platforms in connecting hypothesis-driven development directly to the metrics that matter most