AgileCraft product demo: Connecting Portfolios, Strategy and Programs

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As a portfolio manager, your job is to interpret strategy and make good financial decisions by investing in the right things. And program managers & release train engineers: your job is to plan PIs and connect empowered teams to strategy to enable lean execution. It sounds simple on the surface, but you know how difficult it can be to visualize connecting all these dots in your tooling solution throughout the entire value stream.

How does this all come together? In AgileCraft, of course! Join AgileCraft Solutions Architect John May and Product Manager Kyle Byrd for a one hour ondemand webinar, as they demonstrate using the AgileCraft platform:

* A great portfolio view that allows you to interpret epics, link them upstream to strategy and downstream to execution.

* An overview of how the program can fit neatly between teams and portfolios, and connect execution to strategy.

* An understanding of how to easily move from annual to quarterly portfolio views, making smaller bets and more informed decisions.