How are you making your decisions around risk and opportunity? How are you leveraging metrics to manage tradeoffs and risks? 

You know "collaboration over contract negotiation', right? Metrics often drive a wedge between management and the team, none more so than forecasting metrics. However, when you give a probability distribution as the answer to the question, "When will we get it?" instead of a single date, an amazing transformation happens. Suddenly, the team and management start working together to manage tradeoffs and risk.




Join Larry Maccherone, an industry recognized thought leader on lean, agile, metrics and visualization and Scott BlackerVP Product and Services of AgileCraft for an on-demand one-hour presentation and interactive session on probabilistic decision making. 

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to think probabilistically
  • How to generate a probabilistic forecast or analysis
  • The mind shifts needed to take advantage of probabilistic decision making
  • Real life customer success stories leveraging this approach