AgileCraft's Scaled Agile Management Platform (SAM) enables organizations scaling Agile to the enterprise by connecting business strategy to technical execution. AgileCraft provides a real-time bi-directional integration that enables enterprises to scale agile initiatives without disrupting team-level work in Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) or Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). This integration, called T-Rex – short for Team Reconciliation and Extraction engine, enables organizations to confidently trace and audit all work being done regardless of team-level tool. From high-level strategic objectives, down to the most detailed engineering task, T-Rex connects the dots to provide a single source of truth. Microsoft recommends AgileCraft to its TFS/VSTS customers scaling agile via SAFe, LeSS, DAD, or other scaled agile approaches.

Many companies struggle as they try to embark on an Agile transformation across the enterprise. One of the key stumbling blocks is the move from a process driven to a value driven organization. That is why a Transformation Management Office (TMO) is essential beyond the Project Management Office (PMO), their mission is to overcome the natural inertia (often disguised as process) and drive change.  
Key Features and Benefits:
  • Sync data from Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Team Services  to enable rolled-up analytics
  • Scale agile initiatives using AgileCraft without disrupting team-level work
  • Use real time data to align strategic planning and execution across portfolio, program and teams

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