Escaping the “Feature Factory” with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)


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OKR, Objective key results, is a Goal and Performance framework, for setting, communicating and monitoring goals and results to drive strategic objectives in organizations. OKR’s can play a key role in scaling agile and improving your organization’s ability to learn, measure business outcomes and functional progress to drive continuous improvement and inspect and adapt into leaning cycles. However, if not implemented correctly they risk just becoming another failed attempt to drive change into your organization.

In this webinar with AgileCraft Executive Advisory Board member and SAFe Fellow, Mark Richards, and AgileCraft Product Manager, Kyle Byrd, we’ll introduce you to OKRs and show you how to implement them across your organization. You’ll learn:

  • Proven ways of defining and tracking your Objectives and Key Results at each level of scale (Feature, Program, Portfolio), connecting work with value delivery
  • How to drive SAFe strategy by creating alignment and transparency within the organization
  • The best way to use leading and lagging indicators to drive the business to align with strategy and vision
  • How AgileCraft’s built-in OKR tracking and reporting can instantly and natively connect work with value delivery