What's New in SAFe® 5.0?

Thursday October 31 - 8 am PT, 11 am ET, 4 BST

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Scaled Agile, Inc. announced the next major update to their Scaled Agile Framework: SAFe® 5.0. Come learn about the changes and how Atlassian helps you unleash the potential of your agile enterprise in a SAFe 5.0 world.

The changes to SAFe 5.0 are a huge step in the right direction, as companies look to expand agility across the enterprise. Scaled Agile has simplified 5.0 including strengthening customer centricity, the expansion of agile beyond the technical teams, and the agile implementation at the portfolio management level.

In this webinar, join Dean Leffingwell, co-founder of Scaled Agile, and Steve Elliott, Head of Product, Jira Align as they discuss SAFe 5.0:

  • What’s new or changed in SAFe 5.0:

    • Introduction of OKRs

    • Essential SAFe

    • How to achieve true business agility

    • Two new core competencies: Organizational Agility and Continuous Learning Culture

    • New core principles

    • The three core themes we believe these changes have emphasized

    • How Atlassian helps enterprises reaches these themes and realize their business agility

    • And much more!
We'll also have plenty of time for questions, so come prepared to ask the team!


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