As a leader in your Enterprise organization facing a digital transformation, you know that Agility needs to be part of your company’s DNA. Companies must have the ability to adjust or pivot quickly based on a rapidly changing, highly demanding market, and learning is a vital component of success.  Everyone is talking about agility, SAFe, and ‘digital transformation', but what does that really entail? What role are leaders expected to play, and how can they be most impactful?
Join Jesse Pearlman of AgileCraft and Dwayne Stroman of Icon Consulting for a one-hour ondemand session  on the critical the role of Executive Leadership in a successful SAFe based transformation.  This webinar will provide the history of management that affects the leadership patterns we use today to create structure and practices, present a different way to view the role of leadership, and share some successful patterns to employ to ‘lead differently’ in a complex world.