Many companies struggle as they try to embark on an Agile transformation across the enterprise. One of the key stumbling blocks is the move from a process driven to a value driven organization. That is why a Transformation Management Office (TMO) is essential beyond the Project Management Office (PMO), their mission is to overcome the natural inertia (often disguised as process) and drive change.  
Join Randy Lexvold, Enterprise Solution Architect at AgileCraft and Mark Hill, Lean-Agile Business Agility Consultant at Eliassen Group for a one hour ondemand session as they share insight into the reality of a value driven Transformation Office.


Join us to learn:
  • How our natural desire to play it safe causes us to avoid change and easily regress
  • How to overcome obstacles within the organization when setting up a TMO
  • How a true TMO can accelerate your organizations rate of change
  • And more…

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